Meet Your Designers

You want the best for your fabulous room, and so do we. Unlike some other online design services, we only hire accredited, experienced designers with exceptional design skills. We work as a team in our brick and mortar studio with an amazing library to fulfill your Vavaroom dreams.
(Plus, they’re awesome people.)

Cathy Maready

“ Design should bring imagination to life and allow for the small beauties to sing. ”

Cathy has been practicing interior design since 1990 and is an Allied ASID member. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Chaminade University in Honolulu and graduated magna cum laude. After traveling the globe in her younger days, Cathy began an import business where she designed her own furniture and accessory line.

Upon settling back into her home state of North Carolina, she opted for a more personal level of design where she could apply her creations to specific environments. Through Elephant Ears, her successful interior design business, a diverse client base has allowed Cathy to work on multi-level and multi-million dollar commercial and residential projects all over North Carolina, Aspen, islands off the coast of Washington, Southern France and most currently on a 100 square-mile private ranch in Wyoming. Yee-ha, indeed.

Cathy also holds a commercial pilot license and loves animals. So, Pegasus would be her perfect ride.

Megan Smith

“ An interior is the natural projection of the soul. ”

Megan grew up watching her grandmother design some of the finest southern homes in North Carolina. She followed her around from home to home and took her worldly advice on to college to study interior design. Megan has an Interior Design degree that has led her into the creative world of commercial and residential projects that range in scope from clubhouses to 10,000 square-foot residences. And her talents don’t stop there. She is gifted in all styles, from traditional to contemporary to transitional.

Her subtle blend of these styles in one project make a unique look that is all her own.

In her free time, Megan enjoys spending time with family and friends anywhere near the water. She also loves to travel.

Jennifer Williams

“ If you love something, it will work. That’s the only rule. ”

Jennifer grow up naturally infatuated with visual design. She found herself rearranging her bedroom furniture regularly, admiring different fabrics, patterns, and colors, and feeling innately drawn to interior design. She earned her bachelors degree from the University of South Carolina in commercial design. Soon after, she moved to Wilmington, NC and worked in commercial design for 7 years. Jennifer describes her style as, “fresh & clean.” Within her designs, she enjoys bringing the outdoors in, using natural and organic materials, and planning a space solely around the happiness of her client. She loves the age old, “pop of color,” saying that never fails in any space.

Jennifer has 3 beautiful daughters all with blonde hair despite her dark hair. They are helpful in keeping Jennifer up to speed on trends and styles. She values maintaining a healthy lifestyle and does so by eating a plant based diet and exercising regularly.

Lauren Tramaglini

“ How do you want your story to be told? That should be the cornerstone of your design ”

Lauren moved to Wilmington, NC in 2013. In her free time as a new local, she visited model homes in the area and discovered her love for design. Soon after, she completed her college experience in Interior Design with a strong focus in building design and architecture. She has exercised her creativity working with various designers and builders, and has recently branched out into the marketing field to help extend Vavaroom’s voice. She loves being able to flaunt beautiful interiors through the marketing outlet and has found that collecting images and content has kept her consistently inspired.

Lauren married her husband Jared in 2017 and has enjoyed being a newly wed. Her and her husbands passion is simply people. They value the human interaction and strive to help kindness become more common in the world. They start their mission at their very own dinner table and look for any excuse to have guests join them for a home cooked meal.

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