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We're real interior designers with real-world experience. Check out our bios to see exactly what've we've done. Our founder has been in the design business since 1990 and is an Allied Member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).

The beauty of the Vavaroom approach is that you get to talk directly to your designer, so you can talk about exactly what you expect. Not surprisingly, we do our best work for clients we communicate with well. Consider us your design therapist!

We believe a space should reflect and highlight the inhabitants. We like a semi- minimalist approach, thus having incredible pieces that really emphasize your personality. Check out our work at and you can see some of our larger projects and read about our overall philosophy.


Vavaroom made me feel as if I was walking into a seascape in my own home. They listened to every detail.    Leslie M, New York, NY

Seascape design for a perfect coastal home.

Great work....I am so impressed Vavaroom, you rock!  My time is so limited and your team made it worry free! Marry J, New York, NY

Best online design when you have no time.

Thanks so much for making my home so special.  You listened and knew I needed a kid friendly space.  The first day I got my sofa, my daughter spilled chocolate ice cream on it.  Came right off!  I also loved the color palette that you helped me with since I had to keep so many existing fabrics.  I am using Vavaroom again.

Love this web site. Easy and fun decorating.

I was online reading about your blue and white inspirations for dining rooms....decided it was now or never.  I tried out the decorating using Vavaroom.  It was super easy.  I needed a new dining room, but already had the table.  I just needed chairs and a chandelier with a rug and accessories that screamed blue and white.  Vavaroom suggested some wallpaper and I never would have thought of it.  It looks like a million bucks.  I will post pics as soon as possible.    Sharon S, Miami, FL

Blue and White palette inspired interior

We needed an update and decided we would try online interior design.  I will never look back.  We needed something contemporary and very tonal.  We also wanted to use a very traditional chair that belonged to my aunt, but could not figure it out.  Vavaroom used a contemporary fabric to recover it and it looks great.  Thanks, Vava. Boo D., Pinehurst, NC

Contemporary interior design done well.

We just tried this online design.  Fast, Fun and Phenomenal!  Just like they said.....perfect.  Susan N., Chatanooga, TN

Online interior design is the way to go.

For any of you men out there that need help with interior decorating and have no clue where to start...check it out.  No regrets.  Everything was delivered and all the trash went away too.  Rodney H., Birmingham, Alabam

Single men need an interior decorator!

Thanks to the design team at Vavaroom, we go to our beach house and just get good rest and relaxation.  The place feels like a spa now. We all love Vavaroom.  Carol W.,  Columbus, Ohio

My beach home looks like a spa!

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