How do I know you really know what you’re doing?
We're real interior designers with real-world experience. Check out our bios to see exactly what've we've done. Our founder has been in the design business since 1990 and is an Allied Member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).
What is your design philosophy?
We believe a space should reflect and highlight the inhabitants. We like a semi- minimalist approach, thus having incredible pieces that really emphasize your personality. Check out our work at elephantearsdesign.com and you can see some of our larger projects and read about our overall philosophy.
Can I request changes in my design? Does that cost extra?
You have an opportunity after you receive the design package to make two minor revisions at no extra cost. We want to make you happy!
Do I still get the retailer discount if I buy the suggested items myself?
Unfortunately, no, but that's why we're here — we can even do the shopping for you at no extra cost! We can also offer discounts from many of our partner vendors.
How do I know my designer understands what I want?
The beauty of the Vavaroom approach is that you get to talk directly to your designer, so you can talk about exactly what you expect. Not surprisingly, we do our best work for clients we communicate with well. Consider us your design therapist!
How much is this going to cost me?
For two virtual face-to-face sessions with your very own interior design pro, a complete floorplan, a phenomenal rendering of your new space, a color palette, a shopping list of furniture and accessory choices and someone to do all the ordering for you…. only $349 per room. Affordable perfection.
How long will this take?
After you've answered our questionnaire and uploaded photos of your room and a rough floorplan, it'll take about 10 days for you to get a plan for your fabulous room. We will send you a confirmation email. Feel free to reply to that address with any other questions or other pertinent information for your design project.
Who are these select retailers you talk about?
We have partnered with over one hundred to-the-trade only vendors, and the list is growing! These suppliers deliver the sophisticated design and higher quality associated with design professionals, with products that endure the test of time and transcend the merely trendy.
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