Welcome To Your Perfect Foyer

May 27, 2016

Welcoming friends into your home is something at which we should all strive to be great. Having a beautifully appointed foyer is a crucial element of this goal. It is the first space that guests see in your home. Don’t you want to make a good first impression? Obviously foyers vary in shape and size based on your floor plan, but even in the smallest of foyers there are ways to spruce it up for that all important first impression.   [caption id="attachment_817" align="alignnone" width="680"] A foyer with a straight up stair case and hallway can be very welcoming when well appointed. Add artwork, narrow furniture, and a handsome runner to keep a nice flow to the space.[/caption] (more…) Read More

What To Do With All Those Books!

May 18, 2016

For people who have more books than clothes, there comes the dilemma of how to organize them and how to make all those bookshelves look pretty.  If you're not one for adding other objects in with your books (shame on you!), there are other options for making it look good.  Here are some ideas for how to arrange books in ways that make sense for you.   Mix in objects you love with your books. Nicely framed family photos, art pieces, and small low maintenance plants (hello succulents!) are a great way to give your shelves a collected look. Vary the arrangement of the books to add more interest and balance. Have some books standing and others stacked. (more…) Read More

What’s Old Is New

May 10, 2016

Ever heard, “What is old is new again”? Yeah, there is so much truth to that. I feel like every year I am seeing something from the past revived in a slightly new way. Being very introspective, I have thought to myself that we are very alike to the Victorians. How? They did the exact same thing. After the new ideas of the Neoclassical and Empire styles, it was like they ran out of original ideas. They went on to embrace the old, but interpreted in a new way. There was revival after revival of past styles. Gothic revival, Neoclassical revival, Renaissance revival… the list was endless. And then of course there were later revivals of the revivals. Goodness! We have been doing the exact same thing for the last thirty years or so. While we can look at an older interior and say, “that looks very 80s,” there is... Read More

Do you wear your walls well?

April 12, 2016

Before I start a project with a client, I notice their eye color, their skin tones and try to determine what colors make them feel good. Can you wear a dress or a tie that is the same color as your wall? If not, it may be time for a shopping trip to the paint store. Let Vavaroom find your true inner wall. (more…) Read More
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