Meet Your Interior Designer: Jennifer!

Date: July 3, 2018

Today we are introducing interior designer, Jennifer Williams.

Jennifer is from a small town in South Carolina called Greenwood. She has been working at Vavaroom as an interior designer for 4 months and has been a valued member of the Vavaroom team.

What do you value most about interior design?

Creating a space that is tailored to the clients taste, style, and lifestyle is what is most valuable about interior design. This field is an ever changing and evolving industry, not just because of trends coming in and out, but because every client is different. Learning about the client and creating a design that makes them feel comfortable and happy is what makes interior design so significant.

What is your background in interior design?

As a kid I rearranged my room and played with the color palette frequently. I was drawn to different textiles, I would switch my throw blankets out, change up the pillows on my bed, and just get creative with little alterations in my own bedroom design. Organizing was just really fun for me. I grew up to get my bachelors in interior design from the University of South Carolina. I was actually a commercial interior designer for 7 years until I started having children. Now that my 3 daughters are grown up, I am back in the design game and loving residential design!

What inspires you?

Traveling. I’ve been to Paris, Aruba, Toronto, Northern California, and all over the US. Wine Country is such a inspirational place for me. The vastness, the greenery, how can you not feel inspired while you’re there? The wine is a plus too.

What is your favorite color to design with?

Blues. Of course, here on the coast it is hard not to love blue hues. I love a spa-like interior, and blue is a great color to achieve that with.

How would you describe your style?

A clean and fresh interior with inclusion of the outdoors through beautiful plants, wildlife art, and natural light, plus a splash of chic. 

What is your strategy for getting to know your clients style?

I need to know what they want their design to achieve. So I have to ask about their lifestyle, their needs and wants, their pet peeves, and so on. Maybe they’re an avid reader, in that case, I will need to implement a specific lighting design. Maybe they hate the color red, I need to know to steer clear of that color. These are all things I ask about as I am getting to know a client. The strategy is simply just asking!

Finish this sentence: Every well designed space has ___________

Comfortability and fresh flowers

Any fun facts?

I have 3 lovely daughters, my diet is completely plant based, I love to exercise, I love to landscape my yard, eat good food, and drink good wine.


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