We Support African Parks

Date: June 18, 2018

The Journey of Giants featuring Prince Harry from African Parks on Vimeo.

One of the things we value most here at Vavaroom is giving back. That’s why we donate $100 per every furnished room to stand behind the goals of African Parks. African Parks is a driven, mission oriented organization that enables positive change within its parks. Their radical protection of wildlife is exactly why Vavaroom has chosen to support them.

Prince Harry, whose mission is the rehabilitation and long term management of wildlife in Africa, was recently appointed President of African Parks.  Currently this organization has over 24 million acres under their management and protection.

One of their most recent accomplishments was the reintroduction of the white rhino to Chad.  In addition, they just completed the project of moving 500 elephants to a location over 200 miles away, where Prince Harry spent 3 weeks in the largest translocation of elephants in human history.  The purpose of this project was to relocate the elephants to a region that would better suite their needs and ensure their prosperity.  You can see a clip of this adventure with Prince Harry above.

Every donation to African Parks goes directly to the well being of African animals.

Your Vavaroom design not only helps your home, but also helps the homes of so many helpless animals through African Parks. Click here to get started on both.