Create a Pillow Paradise for your Patio

Date: May 31, 2018

Patio weather is here to stay, and I for one am pumped to put the finishing touches on my patio. Upping your pillow game is one of the best and simplest ways to spruce up your patio’s appearance and increase its comfort appeal, double whammy.

A good outdoor throw pillow is the cherry on top of a well designed patio, so we have collected 3 sets of our favorite pillow pairings to help you get started on upping your pillow game. All of these pillows are available to purchase. All you have to do is contact us, let us know you’re interested, and we will ship directly to you.

Pair #1: The Dreamy Duo



This first pairing is for those of you who are all about taking in those zen vibes. And what better place than a patio to implement that! We are loving the smooth solid and the organic pattern side by side. These two pillows are a little slice of coastal life, mixed with a hint of bohemian, and a dash of whimsy.

Pair #2: Bold and Beautiful



This pair exemplifies the balance between bold statements and dainty details. The deep blue tones and texture on the first pillow are offset perfectly with the simplicity and delicateness of the second pillow… who knew there was so much to say about a couple of pillows.

Pair #3: Vibrant and Coastal



For all our happy go luckies out there, this one is for you. This pairing evokes pure joy! That saturated aqua, the intriguing line work, these pillows are just screaming summer happiness.

Just when you thought I was done rambling about pillows, I haven’t even begun to talk about why we love these particular pillows so much! Here’s why:

  1. They’re made for the outdoors! All materials used are durable and mildew resistant.

  2. Each cover is machine washable, and solution dyed, meaning they will not lose their beauty over time.

  3. They feel as comfortable as indoor pillows.

  4. Each zipper is concealed

Contact us to make a purchase, or to receive more information on these products.

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May all your patio dreams come true!
all of us here at Vavaroom.