The 3 Rug Combo: Perfect for Cold Weather

Date: October 31, 2017

Hey Vava readers!
We’re sure you’ve noticed, temperatures are dropping, and we are all soo happy to finally be bundling up with our cozy sweaters and hot tea!

Just as we are adding an extra layer of clothes these days, Its time to do the same to your home with the perfect winter remedy: rugs! Lots and lots of rugs!

We picked out 3 rugs that meet all our standards, and we can’t wait to show them to you! Keep on reading to have a look at the rugs, and don’t forget, they’re each sold by our vendor! Like what you see? Contact us to purchase.


Rug #1:



Talk about adding a cozy layer! This fluffy pile height gives this rug, the soft finish that is just perfect for this season. Curling up on the floor might not be such a bad alternative with this shaggy beauty! This rug is offered in a slew of bold colors that are sure to suite any household. | Credit: Loloi

Rug #2:



A sophisticated touch with this muted rug incorporates fall colors and jewel tones. The lovely intricacies of this piece paired with the subtle tones makes for a charming balance. Not to mention, offered in several pattern and color variations, this rug mates well with rug #1, giving it the contradictory subtlety it needs. | Credit: Loloi


Rug #3



And last but not least, to tie all three rugs together, here is a dark toned, simplified elegant piece. These classy hues, and the rugs transitional style, offer a hint of variety when paired with the first two rugs. This 100% wool rug is sure to add warmth your floors, your home, and your chilly season overall. | Credit: Loloi

We’ll be cozied up on our rugs this winter, that’s for sure. Don’t forget to contact us to purchase rugs that will instantly warm up your home.

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