How to Use Color Wisely in Your Home

Date: July 10, 2017

Ah yes, black and white, a timeless classic that will always have a special place in our style-loving hearts. No one can live without it! But lately, we’ve been making a little extra room to show COLOR some love! This blog post is dedicated to teaching you how to use color in your home.

The endless combinations of tints and shades and schemes are all too much fun to ignore when it comes to styling your home. Risky? Sure. Intimidating? Definitely! Filling interiors with color is not only something to be bold about, it is something to be EXCITED about!

Before we get started, we’ll warn you, designing your homes color scheme is no piece of cake. We love taking the weight off our clients hands. If you want us to do heavy lifting for you, click here or learn more.

Now, without further ado, here are THREE steps to help you saturate your home in style!

STEP #1: Start with your favorite!

Pick a color, any color! You can’t go wrong when it is your favorite! Now go find that color and use it as the focal point of your space. The rest of your design will stem off of that statement piece.

Example 1:jubilee-guadeloupeTalk about colorful! This Thibaut wallpaper is one of our personal favorites. It is certainly the epitome of being bold with your color choices. This is just one idea of how to create a focal point using your favorite color, but don’t worry! We realize wallpaper isn’t for everyone. That’s why we provided a second example.

Example 2:
neutralresource-cerimanThese upholstered dining chairs are a great way to add a little something extra to your space. Once you’ve settled on your favorite color as the upholstery, picking other colors for your space will come easy.

Still not convinced that this whole color thing is for you? There is nothing wrong with toning it down! Choose neutrals as your main pieces, and then throw some fun and colorful artwork on your wall to create your focal point. The key is to create specific points in a room for your eye to rest on. Sometimes all it takes is a few fun throw pillows, or decorative flowers.

STEP #2: Decide Which Scheme Suits Your Fancy!

There are TONS of color schemes to choose from. Different personalities tend to lean towards specific schemes. What’s yours? To help you choose, Here is a list of the four main color schemes and the moods they are known for creating in a space:
Monochromatic: tends to give off a calm and romantic vibe in a room
Complimentary: creates a sense of energy and liveliness in a space
Analogous: evokes harmony within the room
Triadic: produces a sense of playfulness and whimsical style
This part of the process can be tricky, so Click HERE for examples of each scheme and for big time color inspiration!

Example 1:jubilee-thaiikat6We love how Thibaut worked with the ivy-tastic hand they were delt. This is a great example of a complimentary color scheme using the red fabric on the chairs and the green ivy on the wall. These colors compliment each other, meaning they’re across from each other on the color wheel. This creates intrigue in a space, which is exactly what gives a room character.

Example 2:bridgehampton-midland2Here is a great example of what can be categorized as both monochromatic and/or analogous. These green and blue hues create the perfect balance between calm and playful. These colors are especially great for kids rooms (not too hyper, but not too sleepy).

STEP #3: Fearlessly Execute your Choices!

Once your heart is set on your favorite color and your perfect scheme, it is time to make it happen! Its okay to start small! If you’re a little hesitant, try dipping your toe by purchasing an accent chair and throw pillows that corresponds with your scheme. Feeling better about it? Then it is time to GO BIG!

Example:As you execute your plan, remember that color is color, no matter how bright or how subtle it is. This step is all about being bold by just going for it (and keeping your receipts). Color is a tricky element of design, and sometimes it takes a little trial and error. Our team is always here to help. Email us with questions and photos of your designs. We are here to provide all the free advice and second opinions you need. Contact us by clicking HERE!

Remember, readers, your home is a place where you have the freedom to express yourself!


| All photo credit: Thibaut

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