What Is Your Design Style?

Date: September 14, 2016

From Mid-Century Modern to Rustic, there is a whole world of possibilities when it comes to interior design styles. If you are like many you may not be able to articulate what your style is. If this is the case, you may be finding it difficult to even get started on decorating your home let alone completing it. Don’t fret! Our super easy design quiz will help you define your style in a very fun and visual way. Then the online interior design pros at www.vavaroom.com swoop in to save the day! They’ll ask you questions only experts would think to ask and listen to your every wish (This is where the design therapy happens!).  They will come up with the perfect room for you based off your desires and needs and deliver a finished concept to you in 10 business days. The interior designers at Vavaroom are experienced in every design style out there, so you will get a room that is reflects your style and lifestyle. So fret no more!

Here are just a few design styles to get your juices flowing!


Eclectic – This style has no limitations. Use a Chesterfield sofa with a midcentury modern rug, a formal chandelier with a Moroccan pouf… really the sky is the limit! When done right this style is curated and completely original. If you are a modern day bohemian or simply want something incredibly unique, this may be the style for you!


Mid-Century Modern – Think Mad Men and you’re there! With clean lines and geometric patterns this look is always cool. Iconic pieces from designers like Eames and Jens Risom will always make a statement in a Mid-Century inspired room. To keep it from feeling fresh and not dated, keep the color palette neutral and just add doses of color and focus on texture and natural materials.


Coastal – Do you live at the beach (or just dream of it)? This style is breezy and embraces natural materials like linen and sea grass, painted finishes, and a serene color palette reminiscent of Mother Ocean. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation all the time with this interior design style.


Contemporary – New and fresh, contemporary is what is now. Paired down, livable furniture and fabrics create a space perfect for every day but keep the tone sophisticated.


Rustic – Reclaimed wood tables, casual linens, whitewashing, and a neutral color palette are definitive of this style. For the laid back outdoorsy family, this style can be perfection.


Traditional – Timeless, elegant, and chic traditional design doesn’t need to be stuffy. Colors can be rich or neutral and finishes such as dark woods, bronze, and brass can add depth to the space and textiles such as velvets and silks can be used. If you truly want a space that never goes out of style, this may be the direction for you!

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