Why Subway Tile Is Everywhere In Design

Date: June 14, 2016

Subway tile is everywhere. Even when another new trend for kitchen and bath comes around, subway tile still sticks around in some way, shape, or form. But, why? I mean, it’s just white rectangular tile. What’s so great about it? Yes, it can be very expected and boring… but what keeps subway tile around is its versatility. There are so many creative ways to use it so that it is unique and interesting. Here are some fab examples of how you can use it in your perfect room.

No way is this boring! Simply using the tiles vertically as opposed to the standard horizontal is cool enough, but add in that 90 degree turn and forget it! This is a very cool and modern look.


Arranging subway tiles in a straight herringbone pattern adds so much movement to a space, but the clean and simple white tiles keep it from becoming too much.


This diagonal herringbone creates interesting lines to this otherwise simple kitchen.


The inset of traditional herringbone creates a beautiful focal point for this shower.


Using darker grout emphasizes the lines of the tile and compliments the tub.


This subway tile in a vertical offset bond is perfect for this modern kitchen.


Using subway tiles in a vintage style bathroom is perfection since subway and penny tiles are what were mostly used once upon a time in older homes.


A decorative inset in a contrasting tile creates a pretty detail in this shower.


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