The Real Focal Point

Date: June 5, 2016

When planning a room nowadays, it is so instinctual to want to make the focal point in the room something like a fireplace or a television. Stop right now! While this may work some of the time and may be the only option in some instances, it is time to find the real focal point. The real focal point is nature. Anything we humans do cannot match the beauty of nature. Interiors cluttered with accessories and loads of pattern or bright colors keep the focus inside and on the objects within. If you don’t have a nice view outside of your window, this can be great and work well. If you are fortunate enough to live somewhere with beautiful surroundings (trees, water, desert, etc.), then take advantage of it. Keep accessories to a minimum and maintain a soft color palette to ensure the emphasis remains on your beautiful surroundings and you will have created an interior that works harmoniously with the exterior.

Simplicity inside makes the outside sing.

Easy and breezy with the attention on the water.


A wall of windows is the only focal point you need when you have a view this good.


The room is kept quiet so that it is all about that view.


A simple white space with a few small touches of blue doesn’t detract from the garden view.


I’m not even going to comment on this one, I’m just going to let your jaw drop and leave you on that note.
















Quiet on the inside with a loud and incredible vista.


Minimal accessories and a neutral palette allow the green view to shine.


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