What To Do With All Those Books!

Date: May 18, 2016

For people who have more books than clothes, there comes the dilemma of how to organize them and how to make all those bookshelves look pretty.  If you’re not one for adding other objects in with your books (shame on you!), there are other options for making it look good.  Here are some ideas for how to arrange books in ways that make sense for you.


amber interiors Mix in objects you love with your books. Nicely framed family photos, art pieces, and small low maintenance plants (hello succulents!) are a great way to give your shelves a collected look. Vary the arrangement of the books to add more interest and balance. Have some books standing and others stacked.

anna Let your books go crazy, but do something pretty on top. Stacking books haphazardly is a look with a lot of pizzazz. To keep it looking somewhat cohesive, decorate the top of the shelves with minimal accessories and artwork.

bliss Adding a wallcovering or fabric to the back of your bookshelves gives them depth, dimension, and just a little something extra that will set those books off.

cow hide rug For those readers who know their books so well that they know the covers, why not arrange them by color? It is a striking way to organize your books and can really make them the focal point of a space.

decology Add symmetry to your books and accessories in a subtle way to keep the chaos of so much “stuff” in order.

eed Not so much the reader but love the look of books? There are so many decorative books out there in every style that will give a beautiful, cohesive look to your bookshelves.


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