What’s Old Is New

Date: May 10, 2016

Ever heard, “What is old is new again”? Yeah, there is so much truth to that. I feel like every year I am seeing something from the past revived in a slightly new way. Being very introspective, I have thought to myself that we are very alike to the Victorians. How? They did the exact same thing. After the new ideas of the Neoclassical and Empire styles, it was like they ran out of original ideas. They went on to embrace the old, but interpreted in a new way. There was revival after revival of past styles. Gothic revival, Neoclassical revival, Renaissance revival… the list was endless. And then of course there were later revivals of the revivals. Goodness!

We have been doing the exact same thing for the last thirty years or so. While we can look at an older interior and say, “that looks very 80s,” there is more to it when you dissect it. That interior may have Queen Anne furniture (which originates in the 18th century). See? It’s a revival and was very popular in the 80s and 90s for formal furniture. Today there are so many styles floating about in our designs that if you pick apart a room, there are bound to be pieces that are from another time. I am not saying there are no original designs nowadays… quite the contrary; there are many incredibly original furniture designers with very avant-garde designs. What is prevalent amongst the masses, however, is furniture that takes a queue from times past. This is not a bad thing. I think the reason that this is so widespread in our time is that we have centuries of phenomenal design styles that we can use in new and exciting ways to create rich and layered interiors.

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The legs on this coffee table are k’ang lengs reminiscent of traditional Chinese furniture such as opium beds. The side table has sabre legs based in late Neoclassical design.


These chairs are a modern interpretation of a classic Greek Klismos chair. The Klismos has been around for millennia. Seriously, it’s on painted amphoras from the B.C.s! Art Deco crystal chandeliers echo the lines of the chairs perfectly.
These dining chairs and table give a subtle nod to the Spanish Baroque period. Upholstered in a clean white and paired with a Spanish trestle table this dining furniture and the whole dining room have a very Santa Barbara kind of vibe.


A contemporary headboard feels right at home with classic French Neoclassical Bergères and a Louis XV bench in the classic aqua bedroom.


Did you know that the sunburst mirror came about during the reign of Louis XIV of France? He was known as the “Sun King”. This striking lattice patterned wallpaper from Thibaut creates a dynamic backdrop for the mirror and writing desk.

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