What’s With All The White Walls Y’all?

Date: May 3, 2016

My mother and I have always poked fun at my grandmother for her house that has nothing but white walls. We poked fun enough to where she eventually listened to us and painted a few rooms in soft blues. But looking back, maybe she had the right idea.

Recently my grandmother, being the sharp, witty woman that she is, said to me with a smirk, “I noticed in all the design magazines everyone has white walls.” Just a couple years ago I, like the rest of the world at the time, could not accept a room as finished if it didn’t have some sort of hue on the walls. White walls were almost sinful! A missed opportunity. So what happened? Why all of a sudden did the entire world grasp a hold of taking white-out to a space?

My theory is that after years of having no white in our lives we all wanted a breath of fresh air… and that air was white. And truly, white walls are refreshing. They allow focus to be kept on more important things like great furniture, rugs, fabrics, and artwork. It can lend a crisp, modern, gallery like feeling to a room or can take a room to a vintage, cottagey look. It enhances an already bright room, can (sometimes) brighten up a darker one, and not to mention it literally goes with every single color ever. While white never REALLY went away for all those years, it did come back with a huge vengeance… and I, for one, am thrilled about it. So is my grandmother.

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A touch of the Caribbean makes this breezy white living room feel like a vacation every day. Bamboo accents, a jute rug, and exotic prints on the pillows add to the tropical feel.


A crisp white bedroom with upholstered headboard, striking green and blue pillows, and bedding create a fresh and relaxing environment.


This living room is a striking example of eclecticism with its layered flokati rug, ikat pillows, and wicker, bamboo, and driftwood accents.


Striking contrast in black and white, this modern and glamorous living room is bold with its modern geometric patterned pillows, Beni Ourain rug, white sofa, and abstract art.


A leather sofa with clean lines and modern chandelier create a modern yet warm and inviting living room.


Mid Century modern Eames dining chairs with brightly colored artwork create a fun and focused dining room.


This traditional living room is brought to life with crisp white linen sofas and loads of texture in the rug, accessories, and ottomans.


Nothing is more timeless than a classic white kitchen with a farmhouse sink and tongue and groove ceiling.


A floating vanity is thoroughly modern in this cool bathroom.


Bohemian and eclectic this living room is trendy with a bit of Mid Century twist. The leather sofa and ample accessories keep the room accessible and welcoming.


An bright white room with an oriental rug, butterfly chair, hanging wicker chair, and tufted Mid Century sofa is a collected and interesting blend of styles.

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