Vava Gift Guide

Date: 2017-12-06 Author: Lauren Ables

Ah, it is finally here, the most wonderful time of year.  Through our windows we flaunt our pretty Christmas trees, we listen to cheerful carols, and we curl up on chilly evenings with warm coco. But the most special part of the season is obvious: gifts! Giving gifts, receiving gifts, wrapping gifts, it is all a part of the fun. To ensure your holiday is nothing short of merry and bright, we came up with the optimal gift guide! Scroll through the items listed below to see all our favorite giftable items sold by our vendors. Contact us to purchase!! #1: You can't go wrong with sentimental wall décor.   These are just a few examples of wall décor possibilities. We have so much more to offer, and are happy to help you find the item that is just right for your recipient! Give us a call to purchase one... Read More

Thanksgiving Finds for the Last Minute Host

Date: 2017-11-14 Author: Lauren Ables

Plates full of food, tables surrounded with friends and family, and the smell of roasted turkey. There is so much to look forward to as thanksgiving approaches. But we'd be lying if we said we weren't a little stressed out. I know all you trusty thanksgiving hosts can agree, especially those of you who are last minute hosts! For those of you who are hosting thanksgiving, we admire your courage, and we are here to lend a helping hand. The day is quickly approaching, so we have collected all our favorite last minute products to take the weight off your shoulders. Contact us to purchase all your last minute thanksgiving pieces! Last minute Item #1: Show stopping salad bowl This artistic piece will be a great addition to your thanksgiving table, and will be used for years to come. Use it as a salad bowl, or fill it with fruits... Read More

The 3 Rug Combo: Perfect for Cold Weather

Date: 2017-10-31 Author: Lauren Ables

Hey Vava readers! We're sure you've noticed, temperatures are dropping, and we are all soo happy to finally be bundling up with our cozy sweaters and hot tea! Just as we are adding an extra layer of clothes these days, Its time to do the same to your home with the perfect winter remedy: rugs! Lots and lots of rugs! We picked out 3 rugs that meet all our standards, and we can't wait to show them to you! Keep on reading to have a look at the rugs, and don't forget, they're each sold by our vendor! Like what you see? Contact us to purchase.   Rug #1: Talk about adding a cozy layer! This fluffy pile height gives this rug, the soft finish that is just perfect for this season. Curling up on the floor might not be such a bad alternative with this shaggy beauty! This rug is offered in a slew... Read More

Products to Pair with the Color of the Year

Date: 2017-10-17 Author: Lauren Ables

Hey readers! Many of you might already know that Benjamin Moore recently announced their 2018 color of the year! Its bold, its dramatic, and it took us all by surprise!   It is Caliente AF-290! This royal red demands your attention in the most elegant of ways. It is full of personality, and gives any room the touch of energy it might need. Benjamin Moore fearlessly stepped out on a limb by choosing a color that is certainly not easy to pair products with. And that is where we come in! Keep reading to learn about some of the products we sell that will go just beautifully with Benjamin Moore's color of the year, and contact us to make a purchase!   Rugs, rugs, and more rugs! Who doesn't love the classic black, white, and Caliente AF-290 look? That lush red is begging to pop with this rich, rustic, chic hide rug. This piece is sure... Read More

Here’s Why We’re Psyched About Cucalorus

Date: 2017-10-11 Author: Lauren Ables

For those of you who don't know, Cucalorus is an annual film festival in Wilmington, NC. The festival is easily one of the most popular events our prized town holds. It brings uniqueness, creativity, unity, and individuality to Wilmington by showcasing creative professionals in this area. As Wilmingtonians, we can all agree, every year Cucalorus is a fun and memorable event, but this year we are EXTRA EXCITED and here's why: 1. We are showcasing a Vavaroom makeover and  it could be YOURS! If you have a room in need of a makeover, we've got your back. By honoring your personal style and budget, we can transform your so-so room into a Vavaroom! It gets better... we will showcase your before and after at the Cucalorus Film Festival! Say hello to your debut! Click here to check out more of our before and after's to get an idea of how... Read More

A 3 Step Guide to Enhance Your Homes Entertainment Value

Date: 2017-09-27 Author: Lauren Ables

It is that time of year where we all start running around like crazy people to try to prepare for the slew of holidays that are quickly approaching. Holidays mean guests, and guests mean entertainment! What is the entertainment value of your home? Are you itching to step up your entertainment game this year? Well you've come to the right blog. We've summed it up into three steps: Step #1: Add and/or subtract from your current furniture inventory Take a quick glance around your house. Make a mental note of the amount of seating you have, the size of the furniture in relation to the size of your space, and the style of your pieces. Ask yourself: Can my furniture collection accommodate large groups? If not, it may be time to add a few key pieces. Is it easy to maneuver around my furniture? Not quite? I encourage scaling down.... Read More

Three Tips for Finding Your Fall Style

Date: 2017-09-21 Author: Lauren Ables

Happy First day of Fall! Summer sure went by fast, but we aren’t complaining! Just like the seasons, trends and styles come and go. Is your style evolving? Do you find yourself growing tired of your current décor or even your own taste? We totally get it. Here at Vavaroom, we believe that change is good and refreshing! Just like autumn is to summer! Discovering your style is a tricky process. We are constantly surrounded by influences that can inspire style. However, in the world of fashion and design, it is important to avoid letting those influences force you into decorating in a way that just isn’t you. So, in the most authentic and earnest way we know how, we are going to help you discover your style for fall by applying the least amount of pressure possible because there is no wrong style! So, let’s do this! Here are... Read More

Back to School: 3 Study Space Design Tips

Date: 2017-08-31 Author: Lauren Ables

Attention parents and teachers! School is officially in session! Some of us are excited, and others are... not so much. Whoever you are, we're here to help you get through this school year, and get through it in style! It is often forgotten that interior design does not only create pretty environments, it can also be used as a powerful tool! In this case, and in the spirit of the back to school season, interior design can be used as a focus tool. This blog post is dedicated to teaching you all about how design can benefit yours kids studies. We've been collecting photos of focus friendly environments to help inspire you to start the semester off on the right foot. So, enough prefacing, lets dive into the 3 study space design tips! #1: Good Lighting Natural light is productivities best friend! If you don't yet have a room designated... Read More

How to Use Color Wisely in Your Home

Date: 2017-07-10 Author: Lauren Ables

Ah yes, black and white, a timeless classic that will always have a special place in our style-loving hearts. No one can live without it! But lately, we've been making a little extra room to show COLOR some love! This blog post is dedicated to teaching you how to use color in your home. The endless combinations of tints and shades and schemes are all too much fun to ignore when it comes to styling your home. Risky? Sure. Intimidating? Definitely! Filling interiors with color is not only something to be bold about, it is something to be EXCITED about! Before we get started, we'll warn you, designing your homes color scheme is no piece of cake. We love taking the weight off our clients hands. If you want us to do heavy lifting for you, click here or learn more. Now, without further ado, here are THREE steps to help you... Read More

How to Achieve Functional and Beautiful Interior Design

Date: Author: Lauren Ables

We all want beautiful, inviting, and stylish interiors. But nothing takes the fun out of beautiful design like dysfunction does. A home is a place where comfort is of the utmost importance. Interiors are only at their best when they are just as functional as they are beautiful. Not only do we want our homes to be lovely, we also want them to be useable. That means comfortable sofas, space for traffic to flow through, sufficient storage, etc. No matter what your specific needs are, here at Vavaroom, we are firm believers that your design needs should be met. That's why we're giving you 4 helpful tips on how to achieve the oh-so amazing element of functionality in your home! Tip #1: The 3 feet rule It is no secret that open floor plans are all the rage, as they should be! The tricky part about decorating your open floor plan is defining... Read More

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